Natural Resource Management

From the Birth of ERA, the key objectives are Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Mountain Livelihoods. During the early days of ERA in the Project areas, the most prominent issues were water scarcity and lack of fodder. Keeping these missions as priorities, ERA has been working for last 23 years for Watershed Development as a key factor of Natural Resource Management especially in Changar region.

Later on, recognizing the level of works done in this area by ERA, Department of Rural Development (DRDAs) empanelled ERA for taking up their Integrated Watershed Development Programmes (IWDPs). In this line, ERA worked with DRDAs specifically in districts Kangra, Chamba and Kinnaur. More than 24 Detailed Projected Reports under this component have been successfully submitted to the concerned authorities so far.

Major Achievements:

  1. Nakehad Khad Watershed

Tehsil:                                     Khundian

Development Block:                Dehra

Panchayats:                            Dola Khariyana and Thill

Name of Villages:                    Jamula, Tikker, Loharkar, Bhalar Kalan, Bhalar Khurad,                                                                         Bharamdiara, Thati and Rihri

Total Watershed Area:           502 Ha

Total Households:                   173

Total Population:                    891

Implementation Period of this activity was 2004-07

Major Activities

  • Plantation on common forest, common & private grasslands & waste lands-96.1 Ha
  • Pasture Development on private & common grasslands and waste land -34.26 Ha
  • Silvi-pasture development on common forest, common grassland & private grassland-12.6 Ha
  • Nalla Treatment- 8065 mtrs
  • Nursery-22 (Plants-103344)
  • Fruit Plants Plantation – 2768
  • Poly house – 10
  • Compost pits – 17
  • Celebration of Republic Day
  • Celebration of Women’s Day
  • Educational exposure visits (Dairy, Forestry, Horticulture, Organic Farming, Fishery, Mashroom)




  1. Indo-German Eco-Changar Project


Tehsil:                                     Khundian, Jai Singhpur

Development Block:                Dehra, Lambagaon

Panchayats:                            Kauna

Name of Villages:                    Androli, Saryada, Dhamman-Lahar, Kanuna, Garthoon

Total Watershed Area:           500 Ha

Total Households:                   200

Total Population:                    995

Implementation Period of this activity was 2001-04

Major Activities

  • Orchid Development on Grass-Lands-10 Hectares
  • Pasture Area Development-100 Hectares
  • Construction of Bawris- 20 Nos.
  • Recharging of Bawris- 30 Nos.
  • Renovation of Khatris (Traditional Water Bodies)- 30 Nos.


Successful Case Study (Show Case):

Saryaada Watershed.


Strategic Vision:

            To make a sustainable model of integrated development for middle Himalayas

  • Watershed Conservation & Development
  • Appropriate Technologies for Mountains
  • Traditional Water Harvesting Systems
  • Recharging of Water Resources
  • Integrated Approach
  • Plantation
  • Crop Diversification & Cash Crops

Indo-German Changar Project:


SPWD supported initiatives:

  • LDPE Ponds
  • Green Houses
  • NADEP Compost