Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Due to the uncontrolled development in infrastructure, industrialization, urbanization, population explosion, extensive usage of Public & Personal Transport means, change in land-use patterns and many other factors contributing to the environmental degradation, our environment is facing the impacts of these factors for last 3 decades or so such as rise in average temperature, high rate of melting glaciers, increase in sea level, untimely monsoons, weather fluctuations, shifting vegetation zones etc., and was earlier named as “Global Warming” till 2000 or so, which later was termed as “Climate Change”. As Climate Change is a very big theme in itself and comprises of various factors, some other theories contradicting each other on Climate Change issues.

As far as the adaptations and mitigations are concerned, ERA has applied Bottom-to-Top approach to assess the changes perceived by the communities w.r.t. Climate Change. ERA implemented some Prorammes/ Projects on Climate Change, few of them are as following:

  • CC-DRR Programme (Supported by CASA-INDIA and Mountain Forum Himalayas)

Under this Programme, 3 districts namely, Kullu, Kinnaur and Lahaul & Spiti were covered. The main objective of this programme was to assess the Climatic variabilities in periphery of the rising Hazard Indices of these districts. The community stakeholders were activity involved under this initiative through Training Programmes on eco-friendly methods/ techniques. An exclusive study of status of Traditional Water Resources in selected 16 districts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand was a key deliverable under this Programme.

  • Reducing impacts of Climate Change in Kullu and Lahaul & Spiti Districts of Himachal Pradesh (Under DKH-CASA HAF Mechanism)

This project was undertaken to assess and document the changes perceived by them due to Climate Change through Community perception about variations in climate, weather and their daily routine.

A number of findings were documented clearly indicating that there has been a visible change in cropping pattern, horticultural practices etc. due to creepy Climate Change.

Apart from these key Programes/ Projects under Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, ERA has promoted the eco-friendly, low-cost and sustainable practices in the communities, so that they can contribute significantly to reduce their carbon foot-prints. Some of the interventions are as following:

  • A Smoke-Less and Fuel-Efficient cook stove (TERI)
  • A low-cost and innovative Solar Equipments (Mud Solar Cooker)
  • Promotion of suitable crops for the benefit of farmers
  • Promotion and implementation of Afforestation and low-cost water (15th August Tank)/ soil conservation measures
  • Ruminant Cattle Dung Management (Vermi-Composting)
  • Promotion of Organic Soil Purifiers and Organic Pesticides/ Insecticides