About Us

Society for Environmental & Rural Awakening (ERA) is a Himachal Pradesh base not-for-profit organization registered under the Indian Societies Act, 1860 since 1990.

ERA, to fulfil its prime objective of Sustainable Mountain Development and Environmental Conservation has been working for last 27 years in the remote and inaccessible areas with the communities on Sustainable Mountain Development keeping in view the environmental sensitivity and socio-economic-cultural regimes. The focus of ERA in ensuring Sustainable Mountain Development has been on following key aspects:

  1. Eco-Sensitive Regions and Communities
  2. Sustainable Livelihood Generation
    1. Promotion & Conservation of Traditional Livelihood Cultures
    2. Promotion of Alternative Livelihoods
    3. Community Based Tourism
  3. Gender Equity & Women Empowerment
  4. Natural Resource Management Planning (Micro & Macro Level)
  5. Facilitation in Community Based Enterprise Development
  6. Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  7. Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction